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What is the dps?

The dps is an essential utility for orchestrating job workflows, managing resource allowances, and optimizing compute resource allocation on the DeepSquare Grid.

The dps has two modes of interactivity: as a command line interface (CLI) and as a terminal user interface (TUI). The CLI is invoked when the dps is used with a command, e.g. dps submit job.yaml. The TUI is called when the dps is used without any command:


Key features

  • Job Scheduling: dps allows you to create, monitor, and control job workflows seamlessly. It simplifies the process of orchestrating complex tasks across your compute infrastructure.
  • Resource Allocation: Manage allowances and credits with ease, ensuring that your jobs run efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Text User Interface (TUI): The TUI interface provides an intuitive and interactive way to navigate and interact with the tool, enhancing the user experience.
  • Zero-dependency, One Binary, Multi-platform, Blazingly Fast: Programmed in Go, it can interact with EVM-compatible APIs on any operating system, without the need to install a runtime or any other dependencies. All it takes is a simple drag-and-drop.
  • Customization: Configure your tool to match your specific requirements, whether it's adjusting RPC endpoints, setting up smart contracts, or fine-tuning private key options.

In this documentation, you will find comprehensive guidance on using both the CLI and TUI versions of dps. Whether you're new to the tool or a seasoned user, we've got you covered.

Let's get started with managing job workflows, optimizing compute resources, and unleashing the full potential of the DeepSquare Grid with dps!