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Workflow Documentation

Scale up and accelerate your software development on the decentralized HPC. You can design and share any type of workflows using containers, spanning from rendering to machine learning, and deploy them on DeepSquare.

Quick Start

Develop and Run workflows

Learn how to get up and running with DeepSquare through tutorials, guides and API references.


Learn how to run jobs on DeepSquare, its architecture and its core concepts!

Getting Started

Get started at writing DeepSquare workflow and run HPC workloads on the decentralized infrastructure!

Command Line Interface

Learn how to use the CLI to help you develop and run workflows locally!


Learn the most important features!

DeepSquare Portal

Learn how to use the DeepSquare portal to help you develop and run workflows!


A list of workflows used by the DeepSquare portal.

Develop and Integrate DeepSquare

Learn how to incorporate the DeepSquare SDK into your software!


Workflow API References

Job Reference

Find all the features a Job. Examples for each feature are shown here.

Module Reference

Find all the features a Module.