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Welcome to DeepSquare, a pioneering force in the decentralized cloud space that revolutionizes access to High Performance Computing (HPC) resources! Our mission is to make the power of supercomputers universally accessible, and DeepSquare do this by delivering a simple, modern, and affordable solution.

DeepSquare aggregates the unique capabilities of supercomputers from diverse compute providers worldwide into a unified computational infrastructure known as the DeepSquare Grid. Our primary aim is to democratize HPC, and the Grid stands as a powerful embodiment of this commitment.

DeepSquare operates with a user-centric approach to resource allocation. Users specify the computational requirements for their workloads, and DeepSquare, through its Meta-scheduling process, matches these workloads to the most appropriate compute provider available on the grid.

If you are ready to learn about DeepSquare, see how a job is structured in the next part.