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Mapping the UID of the container

Fundamentally, containers uses user namespaces, a feature of the Linux kernel that provide a way to isolate and control user and group permissions within a container or other process. This isolation can help improve security and prevent container breakouts or privilege escalation attacks.

When a container is launched, the user and group IDs used on the host system can be associated with different IDs inside the container.

We use unshare to map from UID to another. Compared to Podman or Docker, we are unable to map a range of UID.

It is possible to enable remap the UID using the step.mapUid and step.mapGid parameter:

tasks: 1
gpus: 0
cpusPerTask: 1
memPerCpu: 1024

- name: map-root
command: ping
image: library/ubuntu:latest
mapUid: 0
mapGid: 0

Note that there is some limitation with the Apptainer container runtime. You cannot run Apptainer with an unknown user, and therefore, you cannot mapUid to an unknown user (which only leaves you to map to root). See open issue.