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Instead of using a run step, you can use a use step to invoke a module.


  • The source of the module, which is the git repository accessible via HTTPS.
    • You can specify a git tag by adding @<git-tag> as a suffix.
    • You can also specify the git SHA commit @<git-commit-sha>, which you can shorten to 7 characters. Otherwise, the HEAD commit will be used.
  • The args, which must match the inputs field of the module.
  • The exportEnvAs, which allows to use the outputs of the module as environment variables. The variables will be prefixed with the value of exportEnvAs.

About monorepos of modules

To specify the source of a module inside a monorepo:

  • The format of the source is the following: <host>/<owner>/<repo>[/<path to directory containing module.yaml>]. If the git repository is a monorepo of modules, you can specify the path to the directory containing a module.yaml by appending /path
    • Example:
  • The git tag format should be <path>/<ref> and the source <host>/<owner>/<repo>/<path>@<ref>.
    • Example: The git tag is other-module-example/v1. Therefore, the source is

Example of usage:

Hello-world workflow
enableLogging: false

tasks: 1
cpusPerTask: 8
memPerCpu: 8000
gpus: 0

- name: hello-world
## Use a module
## Address of the module.
## Pass environment variable.
- key: WHO
value: me
## Export the outputs of the module.
exportEnvAs: HELLO_WORLD
- name: repeat
## Use the outputs of the module.
command: echo ${HELLO_WORLD_RESULT}

You can check the module git repository.


Be careful, when using a tag like v1 or v1.0.0, make sure the author is trustworthy, otherwise you may fall victim to a supply chain attack.

There is a risk of falling victim to a supply chain attack by having an attacker alter the module code by "moving" the git tag, which compromises any workflow that uses the module.

Specifying the full SHA commit is the safest option, but specifying a tag may be more practical.

A module has access to the entire Workflow specification! Beware of malicious modules!